City of Meadowlands Public Works & Services

Water & Sewer
The City of Meadowlands has city water and sewer and you must come into the City Office to fill out an application to have it turned on.

Solid Waste
The City also requires proper disposal of garbage. You must have covered cans. There is a canister site located 2 miles east of Meadowlands off of Highway 133 on Pine Road.  They are open Thursday and Saturday from 9am - 3pm.  You can also contact Norland Sanitary at 218-345-6518 for home service.

Emergency Services
The Meadowlands Fire Department and City of Meadowlands Ambulance Service are house together at 9955 Hwy 133.  To contact them call 911.  Find more information here.

Postal Service
The Meadowlands Post Office is located on the corner of Cedar Street and Central Avenue, or call 218-427-2355.

Brush & Leaf Pick-up
The City of Meadowlands offers Spring and Fall Brush and Leaf pick-up at no cost to City of Meadowlands residents.  This is posted here and at the city's official posting sites.














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