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Dec 2014
New Ambulance

Most people get excited when they get a new set of wheels.  The new ambulance that rolled into Meadowlands last week should give the whole region something to be excited about.  The 2014 Life Line Ambulance, assembled in Sumner, Iowa, has all the bells, whistles, and… sirens to provide better service and quality of care to the Meadowlands Ambulance Service’s 660 square mile service area, which includes 17 townships, from Lavelle to Alborn and Ellsburg to Meadowlands, as well as mutual aid service to Floodwood and the surrounding area.

“Patient care and crew safety are paramount for the department, so we’re always looking to upgrade our equipment to provide the best of both.” Explains Troy Maly, Director of Meadowlands Ambulance Service.   The new rig features all LED lights for on-scene safety, more room for patient care and room to treat multiple patients, more storage space for new equipment that requires a dedicated space, and a layout that requires less movement for the crew.   The equipment is situated ergonomically, within an arm’s reach from a seated position, which is important for safety during transport. 

The new arrival comes on the heels of what could be the ambulance service’s busiest year on record.  They are on pace to have in excess of 140 runs by the end of the year.  Maly thought the aging demographic in the region played a role in the increase of calls. 

In rural areas, patients depend on technology and skilled care for the best possible outcome during a medical emergency.  Meadowlands Ambulance Service understands these needs, and is continually improving.  In October, the service added an invaluable piece of equipment when they purchased LUCAS, a mechanical CPR machine.  Our rural area often means long transport times, and giving manual CPR for those extended periods of time can be hard on, and even create back injuries for crew members.  The LUCAS mechanical CPR device performs  constant CPR, it can be battery operated, making it portable, giving the crew the ability to provide the utmost care on scene, whether it be at a residence or by continually providing CPR while a patient is being moved from an outdoor location like a snowmobile trail to the ambulance. 

In 2016, Meadowland Ambulance hopes to acquire a 12 lead EKG machine to improve care for cardiac patients.  The machine would transmit data to the ER staff while the patient is in transport.  “The Emergency Department will be aware of the patient’s condition prior to our arrival and will be able to prepare and get them into the cath lab fast.” Maly explained.

Meadowlands Ambulance Service is always looking for more volunteers.  If you’re interested in becoming a first responder or EMT, contact Troy Maly at 461-5636.  EMT’s require 160 classroom hours of training, first responders require 80 hours.  Volunteers must be 18 years old or older and have a clean driving record. 

Nov 2014

Congratulations to Jay Racek, who received a plaque from the Meadowland Volunteer Fire Department at his retirement party, celebrating 40 years of service to the Meadowlands community!  Jay started at the fire department in 1974, and during his 40 years, was a dedicated fire fighter, served as fire chief for many years and was (and still is) a supporter of the community. 

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